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Class Details

A combination of interesting physics sets.

(1) Basic Physics

7 concepts, including:
Matter, Mass, Direction, Speed, Velocity, Time, Acceleration


32 concepts, including:
Absolute humidity:, Absolute zero:, Absorptance:, Acceleration:, Acceleration due to gravity:, Achromatic:, Acoustics:, Acoustic shielding:, Adiabatic:, Afocal lens:, Albedo:, Alpha particle:, Alternating current:, Amorphous:, Ampere:

(3) Physics – Terms

183 concepts, including:
motion, speed, average speed, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, force, friction, gravity, free fall, weight, momentum, Newton’s 1st law of Motion, Newton’s 2nd law of Motion, Newton’s 3rd law of Motion, net force, unbalanced force

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